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Here is what we do.

We’re a boutique software house with expertise in developing custom, high performance, scalable, robust back-end software. Google trusted us multiple times to develop their cloud libraries, why wouldn’t you?

we will solve your technical problems

Where most engineers struggle, we thrive. Cloud, distributed programming, high performance,  scalability, low latency, reliability, fault tolerance, low level programming are our bread and butter, so we’ll solve your problems quicker and with less risk for you.

we know the right way to develop your application

We know how to design software in the industry-standard way, so that it is scalable, robust, maintainable and future-proof. We will develop your application accordingly – that way it will be delivered faster, work more reliably and be cheaper.

we will deploy, monitor and maintain your application

We know to ensure your mission critical system never fails you. This entails proper design, deployment, training and procedures. We can utilize that knowledge to your advantage.

Implement the impossible!

We love solving open, technical problems. Whether it's a Linux kernel feature or an integration which doesn't seem feasible or computations which seem immensely hard, we'd love to step up to these challenges.


  • Experience
  • Team
  • Philiosophy

Multiple customers trusted us already. We are proud that Google trusted us multiple times to develop their libraries. Below you can find the summary of some work we carried out so far – it showcases that we can solve a wide variety of problems.

  • HBase mirroring client

    Unoperate developed a mirroring HBase client library, which can be used as a drop-in replacement for the regular library. It duplicates every mutation to two underlying HBase or Cloud Bigtable databases. It is intended to be used as a tool to migrate on-premises HBase clusters to Google’s Cloud Bigtable. Despite its sophistication, the library adds only a minimal amount of CPU consumption and will constrain its memory use to what the users desire. The project was ordered by Google.

  • Extending Tensorflow with a Cloud Bigtable dataset

    Unoperate extended Tensorflow to allow its users to read data directly from Google’s Cloud Bigtable. In order to maximize performance, the implementation is C++ based with only a facade in in Python. You can learn more at https://github.com/tensorflow/io/blob/master/docs/tutorials/bigtable.ipynb. The project was ordered by Google.

  • Extending PyTorch with a Cloud Bigtable dataset

    Unoperate extended PyTorch to allow its users to read data directly from Google’s Cloud Bigtable. In order to maximize performance, the implementation is C++ based with only a facade in in Python. You can learn more at https://pypi.org/project/pytorch-bigtable/. The project was ordered by Google.

  • Mailwitness – radically simple digital signatures

    Unoperate founded, implemented and supports mailwitness.com, a service for radically simple digital signatures. Mailwitness allows you to sign PDF documents via as little as your email. We are increasing the safety of contracts made online without the cumbersome applications, registration, etc.

  • Development of Cloud Bigtable and Cloud Storage C++ client libraries

    Unoperate developed Google’s Cloud Bigtable and Cloud Storage C++ client libraries in close cooperation with Google’s engineers. This is highly efficient, asynchronous software, which has to be bulletproof, as it underpins a large number of customers using Google Cloud through C++. Among many achievements were: implementation of asynchronous data streams, automatic, self-regulating mutation batching, performance tuning, parallel uploads and more.

  • Managing the whole engineering departament

    The initial engagement covered infrastructure consulting to help Codility make their platform more scalable and manageable. After a successful conclusion of that engagement, a more challenging one commenced – to manage the whole engineering department while Codility was searching for a new CTO. This entailed improving software engineering practices (formalizing release process and non-functional requirements, improving communications and transparency), making high-level technical decisions and overlooking security toughening to achieve SOC-II certification.

  • Secret customer

    Designing and implementing an SDR-based radio communication protocol

    Unoperate designed and developed a very low latency, but very configurable communication protocol using software defined radio (USRP). This was a delicate balancing act between efficient data processing, low latency, precision and robustness. It entailed methodical analysis of possible detection algorithms, software and hardware limits and making it managed by a usable control plane.

We are a team of very highly skilled professionals who are driven by solving hard problems. We will gladly take those hard problems off your back and provide you with a robust solution.

Rather than being a set of freelancers for hire, we deliver value as a team. Our small size guarantees that you get dedication unmatched by large companies.

We believe and internalize these (obvious) statements:

  • pragmatism above all; no general rule should take precedence over real gains
  • Ockham’s razor – the simplest solution tends to be the right one
  • you can ruin the best algorithm by bad engineering practices
  • hope is not a strategy; if you leave your service exposed to risks, you have to be prepared to handle them or accept them materializing
  • you can’t promise or improve performance if you don’t measure it
  • lessons have to be learned from every failure
  • humans make more mistakes than machines; you should avoid humans operating software, hence the name Unoperate.

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