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About us

We're a new company, founded by a former Google employee, which wants to utilize cloud computing to make dealing with massive amounts of data and computations reliable, fast and resource-efficient. Here is what we do:

cloud-based solutions

By using cloud you can do analytics on petabytes of data, handle millions of QPS and achieve global availability. We can implement such solutions for you or help you by reviewing your ideas, designs and operations to get the most of the technology in a reliable and scalable way.

high performance

Optimizing complex systems to achieve low latencies, high throughput or good resource efficiency requires experience. We have it and we'd love to use it for designing, implementing or improving your stack (be it proprietary or open-source).

24/7, mission critical systems

We can help you achieve high availability of your service by reviewing your designs, adding proper introspection and monitoring, designing your procedures around operations and incident management and finally training your staff.

implement the impossible

We love solving open, technical problems. Whether it's a Linux kernel feature or an integration which doesn't seem feasible or computations which seem immensely hard, we'd love to step up to these challenges.

Why us

The experience and skills of our staff is our key advantage.

Among them are:
  • site reliability engineering at Google which entailed:
    • ensuring reliability of one of the largest databases on earth
    • incident management
    • working with many state-of-the-art distributed systems
    • productionizing new services
    • determining the right trade-offs between cost, toil, pace of development and reliability
    • intimate, inside knowledge of Google Cloud Bigtable and other Google Cloud Platform products
  • many performance-critical functionalities implemented in various distributed systems
  • ability to methodically analyze data, supported by a BSc in mathematics and MA in computer science
  • teaching computer science courses at the University of Warsaw.


We believe and internalize these (obvious) statements:

  • pragmatism above all; no general rule should take precedence over real gains
  • hope is not a strategy; if you leave your service exposed to risks, you have to be prepared to handle them or accept them materializing
  • you can't promise or improve performance if you don't measure it
  • you can ruin the best algorithm by bad engineering practices
  • lessons have to be learned from every failure
  • Ockham's razor - the simplest solution tends to be the right one
  • humans make more mistakes than machines; you should avoid humans operating software, hence the name Unoperate.

Our Team

Marek Dopiera

Marek Dopiera


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We'll be happy to answer all your queries. Please either call or email us using the address given below.

If you'd like to meet in person, please reach out through other means first, so that we can arrange a time.


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